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Xymon server

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Welcome to the Xymon Monitor project homepage. Xymon is a system for monitoring servers and networks. It takes its inspiration from the Big Brother monitoring  Configuring Xymon Alerts - About the Xymon - Xymon man-pages - Installing Xymon. Xymon is a tool for monitoring servers, applications and networks. It collects information about the health of your computers, the applications running on them, . 18 Jan The inode-check introduced in and requires that you update both the Xymon server installation and the Xymon client on the.

Xymon, a network monitoring application using free software, operates under the GNU General Public License; its central server runs on Unix and Linux hosts. History - Functionality. Xymon System Monitoring Tool Wish lists; Xymon vs Big Brother . Xymon(Hobbit) Server highly compatible with Big Brother client. It has a user and . Test script by Perl; Test script by Python; Test script by DejaGNU; Dtrace probes in hobbit server. 9 Packaging. Hobbit Client for OpenSolaris.

xymon(1) is the client program used to communicate with a Xymon server. It is frequently used by Xymon client systems to send in status messages and pager. Xymon was called "Hobbit" until November , when it was renamed to Xymon . Monitoring of thousands of hosts with a single Xymon server is possible - it. 20 Nov For an unixoide OS hat client collects various metrics via a simple shell script and sends that data to the Xymon server using the xymon -binary. 1 Nov MAGMA is a Web GUI interface for managing hosts, groups, tests and alarms on a XYmon server. If you ever used XYmon you know that most. This Release, Xymon-Server-ExcelOutages, [Download] [Browse], 07 Jul Links, [ Discussion Forum ] [ View/Report Bugs ] [ Dependencies ] [ Other.

use Xymon::Plugin::Server::Status qw(:colors); my $status = Xymon::Plugin:: Server::Status->new("myhostname", "test"); $status->add_status(GREEN, "this entry. Xymon::Plugin::Server - Xymon Server side plugin helper Xymon::Plugin:: Server package contains some useful modules to write Xymon plugin executed in . Local settings are non-frequently changing items such as the address of FQDN of the Xymon server. In the original Xymon PS client, the local settings were. Hi, I have the desire to have existing DS18B20 temp sensors, see link below, to be graphed on my existing Xymon server(see below). Currently.


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